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Terms and Conditions

1.   You must have permission from your midwife or doctor before use of the pool or birth stool. These items can be used both in a home and hospital setting. 

2.   The pool/stool is strictly limited to indoor use only.

3.   Renter takes full responsibility for the manner in which the pool/stool is used.

4.   Renter will inspect all items in the pool kit/stool bag upon arrival at home and notify Birmingham Born (the “Supplier”) immediately if there is a problem with any item in the kit.

5.   Renter agrees to purchase a disposable liner and their own hoses when using the pool.  The pool is never to be used without a liner.

6.   Renter agrees to pay for the replacement of the pool ($500) or any pool kit parts or accessories in the event they are lost or damaged, or rendered unusable for future renters. Likewise, renter agrees to pay for the replacement of the stool ($300) or any stool parts in the event they are lost or damaged, or rendered unusable for future renters.

7.  Renter agrees to learn the appropriate methods of inflating, filling, and draining the pool. 

8. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the Supplier will not be liable for any damage caused by improper use or misuse of the pool or its equipment or as a result of damage to the pool caused by its use, or as a result of its use in a room that does not structurally support the use of a birthing pool.

Standard Warnings and Safeguards

1.    Severe damage to the birth pool and personal harm may occur if the birth pool is not set up and used properly, and all of the enclosed instructions are not properly followed.

2.    Pregnant women and persons suffering from heart disease, high or low blood pressure should not enter the pool without medical consultation and permission from their doctor/midwives.

3.    Check birth pool temperature before use.  The maximum safe water temperature should be established by your midwife and not exceed 98.6F. 

4.    Unsupervised use by children prohibited. Never leave children unattended without adult supervision in the vicinity of the filled birth pool.

5.    Keep all foreign sharp objects out of the pool to protect against punctures or other damage to the liner and pool.

6.    Please keep pets away from pool at all times.

7.    DO NOT OVERFILL. Taking into consideration water displacement when individuals enter the pool, take care not to overfill the pool.

8.    Avoid electric shock and personal injury by keeping all electrical devices, such as lamps and appliances, minimum of 10 feet away from the filled birth pool at all times.