Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta is an amazing organ that grows for the sole purpose of facilitating the growth of another life. At the culmination of gestation, the birth of the placenta is the finale; it follows the baby and participates in the birth process.


Preparing the placenta for placentaphagy is in accordance with our most primal drives as mammals, and though scientifically there are no double-blind studies to-date that confirm placentaphagy carries the benefits ascribed in the trending of placenta preparation, wisdom from the ages, plus intuition, keeps us recommending encapsulation. Disclaimer: Some popular claims indicate that placenta encapsulation is a ‘cure-all’ to prevent postpartum depression and lactation challenges. Life transitions are challenging and require more than a ‘happy pill’ to cure what ails you; community support and love, as well as patience and endurance are the lubrication that makes a way for a strong bond within yourself and with the new life you made. Please inquire regarding fees and packages.