Kind words from past clients

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"Our childbirth class led by Allison Miller of BHM/BORN was informative, enlightening, and actually fun!  She took the anxiety out of the birth process by

tapping into our feelings and fears in a creative way and gave us real information that empowered us during the birth of our daughter.  I loved how she involved

both partners in the class and showed us real-life exercises that helped us prepare for childbirth.  I know that the work we did in this class and what we took from it

made our birth experience much easier.  When our daughter decided to come a month early, we did not stress (as is our nature), but instead felt a calmness

overcome us and were able to fully embrace the beauty of her birth. Allison has a true gift; my husband and I often say now "How can anyone have a baby without


— Carrie | July, 2017