Birth Support

We believe that pregnancy and birth are natural processes and that with unwavering physical and emotional support people can have fulfilling birth experiences.

Labor Support Package:

- Unlimited phone and email support

- Up to two prenatal visits

- Birth plan consultation

- 24/7 on-call status starting at 37 weeks until delivery

- Back up doula on-call status (you are welcome to meet your backup)

- Provides continual emotional, physical, and educational support during labor

   and delivery

- Immediate postpartum support for up to one to two hours at the place of birth

- One postpartum visit at your home within one week after your baby is born

- Phone and email support for up to two weeks after baby is born

Fees: $650-$850 depending on the doula selected. A deposit of half your fees and a

signed contract will be requested to secure the date.